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Solar Charging

We have used a highly efficient and dynamic solar panel which responds immediately to any form of light source. We have also provided an LED indicator on the top side of the solar panel which indicates as soon as the product goes into the solar charging mode.


The ground breaking technology enables the user to charge the product in approx. 14-20 hours depending upon the intensity of the sun.

ET – Stone not only charges under strong sunlight but also charges in ambient (low light) / cloudy atmosphere thus ensuring that the product charges in all weather conditions.


No need to look at the weather forecast EVER

Adapter / Laptop Charging

The top side of ET-Stone™ comprises of a standard USB and a micro USB port.


ET-Stone™ can be charged through any wall adapter as well as any PC / laptop in addition to Solar charging.


Dual Charging

A unique feature of ET-Stone is Dual Charging. It means that, if your product battery is low and so is your device (eg. mobile) battery and you have only one adapter or PC/Laptop connection, you will no longer have to choose between charging of your device and charging of ET-Stone™.


How it works:

Connect wall-mount adapter to ET-Stone™

Connect USB Cable from ET-Stone™ to your device

Switch on the charging button on ET-Stone™ and wall-mount adapter

If a 2A adapter is used, both the devices will charge simultaneously and if a 1A adapter is used, it will charge ET-Stone™ first and then your device

Revolutionary 3D Design

For us, every minute detail matters. ET – Stone sports a never seen before ergonomic design that symbolizes a combination of rigidity, smoothness and strength which are the inherent properties of a stone. We wanted our customers to experience technology in the most natural form.

360˚ Rotating Kickstand

The revolutionary kickstand developed and patented by us, has been made after months of research, keeping in mind usability, convenience and durability as the main aspects to redefine user experience.


The kickstand allows the user to rotate the product a full 360⁰ which facilitates:


Solar charging depending upon the angle of the sunlight

Light output in each and every angle

Hanging the product whenever needed


The kickstand also provides the protection to the main body thus facilitating additional rigidity.

Fits in your pocket

One of the main challenges we faced was to compress this cutting edge technology into something that fits in your pocket. Portability is the key today and we ensured that ET – Stone perfectly blends with your daily routine.

84mm x 135mm x 16.8mm

Convenient User Interface

Power On-Off /

Battery Level

Battery Level Indicators

Torch On-Off

Lamp On-Off (3 Levels) /

Long Press - SOS

LED Lamp & Torch

The next most important feature of ET – Stone is the highly efficient lamp & torch. The Lamp, which can be seen on the front face of the product comprises of 2 powerful led’s whereas the Torch, which is placed at the bottom side comprises of a single led.

To enhance and to provide a wide angle dispersion of the light output, we have used customised anti – glare lenses.

There are 3 intensities of light for the lamp which can be adjusted by the user according to his/her requirements, enabling longer hours of light.

Up to 14 hours of light at the 1st intensity

Up to 22 hours of light at the 2nd  intensity

Up to 50 hours of light at the 3rd  intensity

The torch has a single intensity and it varies according to the battery voltage.

Higher the battery.. higher the output.

Tripod Thread

The kickstand boasts two ¼” 20 UNC brass thread inserts giving the user an option to attach the product to a car mount (provided with the product), tripod, gorilla kickstand etc. thus taking the usability aspect to the next level.


Lanyard Provisions

We have provided 3 separate provisions to attach a lanyard so as to give you a complete hands free experience.

Package Includes:

  1. ET-Stone™
  2. ET USB Flash Cable (The Whip)
  3. Flexi Car Mount (FCM)
  4. User Manual
  5. A Chance to Go Green

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