World's smartest

Solar Power Bank

with the most efficient

Lamp & Torch

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A Powerful blend of Clean Energy, Technology & Elegance

  • Solar Charging
  • Adapter Charging
  • Laptop / PC Charging
  • Dual Charging
  • Charges Multiple Devices
  • Up to 50 hrs of Lamp Light
  • Kickstand (360˚ rotation)

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It not only thinks!

It's the


Small thing

Flexi Car Mount

Taking the usability factor of ET-Stone™ to the next level.

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Stay Charged, Keep Moving...

EXPLORE the unknown. Discover new avenues. Challenge the status quo. Charge your ambitions. Broaden your horizon. Give your journey a new direction. Travel the world and make it your own

ENDURE the experiences. Embrace every moment before it fades away. Shed the weight of the world. Make your way through the darkness and light up your life

EVOLVE as a person. Seek new passions. Power your desire to move into a more sustainable world. Peel away the layers & break down the wall

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